3D lashes – works for everyone?

3d-lashesTridimensional look? Beautiful fairy-tale eyelashes? Hollywood effect? These are the effects that most women can only dream of. Buying a 3D mascara is the closest they get to 3D lashes. They don’t know other methods for long and beautiful eyelashes e.g. 3D lashes. They don’t know if these eyelash extensions are suitable for them. It is high time to change it and elaborate on the subject of volume eyelash extensions.

First of all, we must give some basic information about our eyelashes. They fulfil a very important role as they protect the eyes against harmful agents e.g. dust and salty sweat. Their length and density is encoded in our genes. On the other hand, our life style, eating habits, weather conditions and other factors weaken their condition. There are various ways that can help.

Eyelash extension is one of the most popular methods for long and full eyelashes. Ranging from semi-permanent eyelashes to 3D lashes and blink&go. More and more women are deciding on such a treatment giving a few key arguments. (1) Eyelash extensions eliminate a daily, time-consuming, morning battle with a mascara. (2) Effects are very expressive whereas a suitable choice of length and curl can match our eye shape. (3) We invest some money and we don’t need to worry about the appearance of our lashes for some time.

Depending on the effects we want to achieve, there are two immensely popular methods. One of them is semi-permanent eyelashes, the other – 3D lashes. In the first one, one false eyelash is attached to one natural lash. In 3D lashes a cluster of three false lashes is glued to one natural hair. Consequently, effects are less impressive in semi-permanent eyelashes whereas 3D lashes gives the eyes a great definition.

What should we know to avoid hasty decisions about 3D lashes? There are a few crucial things that must be considered. You will find answers to the most intriguing questions below.

Who is 3D lashes treatment suitable for?

Volume eyelash extensions work for all women who want to enjoy gorgeous and spectacular eyelashes. If we attach even one hundred fake lashes in semi-permanent eyelashes method, the number is tripled in 3D lashes! It results in very dense, long and impressive eyelashes. There is no way the effect goes unnoticed.

Before we go for 3D lashes, let’s analyse if they will be appropriate for work and ever-day look. Movie or music stars use this method most often as they must amaze with beautiful eyes all the time. Wearing such full and dramatic eyelashes on a daily basis can get tiring after some time. This method is far better for special occasions e.g. a wedding day.

What are the downsides of 3D lashes?

An eyelash stylist will tell you all the details connected with the assets of this solution. Applying 3D lashes takes up a lot of time so it is far more expensive in a salon. Obviously, the stylist won’t give you much information on the weaknesses of 3D lashes. There are at least several minuses of this method of eyelash extension that you must be aware of.

– It is one of the most overburdening methods. Almost every natural eyelash gets as many as three false eyelashes which definitely weighs the lashes down, together with an adhesive. No wonder 3D lashes can seriously weaken your eyelashes and cause excessive eyelash loss. Hair follicles loosen up.

– Eyelash extension takes up a lot of time and is very costly. Since the method requires three times more eyelashes than semi-permanent eyelashes, the price and time needed for application increase. You must spend even a few hours on a facial bed whereas the costs can be horrendous (e.g. if we ask for pure silk eyelashes).

– Effects of 3D lashes can surprise us twice. Firstly, it may totally change our eyes. A few days will pass before you get used to 3D effect. Secondly, it is even harder when you take the fake lashes off: your eyes seem ‘naked’ and completely unattractive.

– Maximum extension and full lash line can make every-day activities harder. Many women refuse to accept this fact: too long eyelashes can catch on clothes, glasses. They can tangle with hair whereas putting on make-up can become impossible. Besides, you must comb them regularly to keep the effects for the promised several weeks.

What is the alternative to eyelash extensions?

Let’s face it: 3D lashes is not the best method for defined eyes. If we get used to the exaggerated length and density, it will be more difficult to accept our natural look. Moreover, not every eyelash extension method is suitable for every beauty type. Also 3D lashes are not going to work for every woman. Conditioning natural eyelashes is far better and easier. Since the information on the size of our lashes depends on our genes, there is a specified length and density that is ideal for our eyes. All we need to do is bring it out.

wonderful-eyelashes-and-eyebrows-with-nanolashWhat is a natural eyelash extension? Even if 3D lashes are done by a professional stylist, they won’t deliver the effects that are suitable for our face shape and beauty type. Strengthening natural lashes and stimulating their growth is the best solution. Is Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum the best?

  1. Makes natural eyelashes stronger, nourished, thicker, longer and darker.
  2. Stimulates the growth of baby lashes – new eyelashes.
  3. Includes the complex of natural ingredients which boost growth.
  4. Matches the natural eyelash life cycle.

Only Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum deals with the source of the problem. Carefully devised formula reaches hair bulbs thanks to a precise brush. The application of the serum is trouble-free, even for those who have never used any eyelash care products. Clear serum is applied to lash line like an eyeliner. The product is immediately absorbed and works inside the eyelashes.

After a few weeks, the lashes are significantly longer, fuller and more elastic. The effects speak for themselves. They last even six months and are all natural, which outclasses 3D lashes. Nanolash is a safer, easier and far cheaper way of giving your eyes impressive definition.