3 remedies for chapped lips

Many people struggle with a problem of chapped lips. They can observe that the intensity of the issue rises especially during winter but also when they spend a lot of time outside during windy autumn or spring. It seems that lips are the part of the body that is often neglected when it comes to everyday facial care.chapped-lips

In order to to make sure that our lips are not getting dry and that they do not loose elacticty we good to make sure that we wear a thin layer of oil on them. Regardles that not everybody likes the taste of it, Extra Vinegre Oil would be perfect for that purpose. If you decide to try this out, you will get the best results when applying it at least twice a week and leave it overnight. Next day your lips will be very soft and moisturized.

When we think of perfect lips we imagine full but most imporantly soft lips. We can achieve this by simply using the scrub. You do not have to buy a speciqal lip scrub although there are many availabe but you can use a face peeling. Make sure that you do it gently because your lip area is definately much more sensitive that your chicks or chin.

Especially during winter wear a protectivbe layer of oily lipstick. It is good if the product that you will use contains either beeswax or petrolatum, Do not wear a moisturaizing cream or lipglosses rich in water because it may got frozen on your lips. Wearing moisturizing not oily lip balms is the cause number 2 of your lips getting chapped just after you licking your lips during severe weather.

If you have chapped lips put oily chapstick or any other thick lip balm on them every few hours. In this way you will keep them hydrated and they want split any further. What’s interesting not only cold weather may have a bad impact on your lips but it turns out that hot, dry air can be even worse. During dose days you have to drink a lot of water and wear moisturizing lip balm. If you do not have any lipstick handy you can use your sunscreen cream on your lips as well. You can resign from greasy lipstick and leave them for colder days.

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