How to treat your hair? Mask and Serum Essence Ultime Caviar + Hair Renew from Schwarzkopf.

Hello girls!

I have been thinking about testing hair care products with the content of caviar for a long time. Therefore, I was very glad when Schwarzkopf launched two products with this luxury component. Of course, I bought both of them immediately. And so, my bathroom shelf welcomed the mask and serum from the Essence Ultime Caviar + Hair Renew

I have been using Schwarzkopf cosmetics for several weeks now. Did my hair become healthier and prettier thanks to these products? Yes! The effects of the treatment surpassed my expectations. I have never thought that caviar will work so well. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals, has regenerative properties and strengthening, protective and nourishing effects. If any of you have damaged, weakened hair with a tendency to fall out and breakage, be sure to try out the products from the Essence Ultime Caviar + Hair Renew Series. They will help you in 100%!

How do the Schwarzkopf cosmetics work? Hair Mask restores damaged hair, nourishes hair bulbs and strengthens hair follicles. It also protects against high temperatures and drying components contained in dyeing products. Hair is a lot easer to style, to comb, soft to the touch and shiny. I have been using the mask once a week, immediately after washing my hair. Furthrmore, Essence Ultime Caviar + Hair Renew serum enhances the effects of the mask. It makes hair become more resilient and prone to styling. Since I started using the product, I did not have to worry that my hair will be falling out, or that the condition of the scalp will worsen. I have been using the serum every three days, immediately after washing.

Hair Mask Essence Ultime Caviar + Hair Renew comes in a jar with a capacity of 200 ml. It is certainly enough for dozens of applications. Moreover, serum from Schwarzkopf appears in a bottle of 75 ml with a pump. The application of both cosmetics did not cause me any problems.

Would I recommend hair mask and serum from Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Caviar + Hair Renew? Yes, of course. Perhaps you girls, have some of your own proven ways to regenerate damaged hair?