What do Packaging Symbols mean?

Packaging symbols / understanding your label

We tend to use our cosmetics automatically. We know have some knowledge about what is on our shelves. We know how to use it and sometimes we check their expiry date. There are many more information on the product or the package but we usually don’t read it or even if we do we don’t know what does it mean. It s all written in a mysterious way. Full of symbols, numbers and acronyms.

One of the most common packaging symbol is a hand with an opened book. That indicates that you can find More Information in a booklet that is provided with the product. In a booklet you shoud find all essential information usually written in few langualges. Next to this sign you ought to find an expiry date as well.

‘Open Jar’ is another sign that can be found on beauty products. It tells us what’s the durability of the content since opening.
If you will find an image of bunny on the package, you can be assured that this product is cruelty friendly. For many of it is of a prime importance that the product we are going to put on our face was not tested on animals. More and more people do not to support or promote cruelty towards animals so this is important that cosmetics have that that sign.

Another popular sign is a man with a bin. It points out that we should dispose our litter when it is possible. Label in a triange shape made of of green arrows tells us that the packaging is made of recycled material and in how many procent.

When you use spray product be warned to see an orange flame at the bottle. It indicates that the content is highly flammable. Do not get near flames, do not expose it to the sun to avoid dangerous situations.
Some of the packaging signs are compuslary but there are many that are quite rare.

There are only few companies decide to put on the product. A sign that is not commonly seen is a sign of the Daisy which informs that this product was produced within European Environment Norms.
The Globe sign points out that it is safe for the Ozone Zone or UVA acronym informing that protects us from The Sun are used on the packaing less often.

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