Why should you use botox?

More and more we hear about botox treatement or botox injections. Since recently those kind of traetments were reservewd only for movie stars or tv personas. Novadays it available for almost everybody who would like to improve its look.use-botox
Overwhelming amount of people who undergo botox injections want to cosmetically minimalize or completly get rid of wrinkles. Who wouldn’t like to remain young and beautiful for longer than the naure designed. More people especially women try to hide their age so that they can keep up with the sosiety obsessed with youth. Now it is possible and widely advertised.

Botox is used not only to make a face look much younger and fresh, it also cures different medical condition as it paralyses particular parts of facial muscles. Unfortunately, not many people who so eagaly rush to the doctor’s office realize what botox really is. There is no secret that Botox of rather Botulinum is one of the moxt poisonous substances known to man. Although it is extramely harmful in big doses it is proved that when properly dosaged it may be valuable therapeutic protein used in western medicine.
It seems that botox won harts of many middle aged woman thanks to its universal application.It can be used to:

  • lift the corners of the mouth;
  • shallow wrinkles;
  • reducing dropping eyelid;
  • wrinkles around neck area;
  • filling hands with botox so they look younger;
  • Reducing forehead wrinkles;
  • and many others

What’s interesting that kind of treatments are not reserved for seniors or middle aged people. It seems that younger and younger women knock to the doctors’ door. Legally anybody over the age of 25 can undergo that kind of treatment.

Another important thing about botox is that it is not pernament. It gets absorbed by a body after a 6 to 10 months and the injection needs to be repeated.