My 1001 applications of L’oreal Paris Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil

My today’s entry is going to be about a new product by L’oreal Paris, which had its premiere fairly recently. The product has a nourishing formula which core is composed of eight natural oils. For me, it is fairly universal tool for face skin care. Why do I find this product universal? Because it can be used in countless ways!l-oreal.jpg

A few words about oil ritual with L’oreal Paris Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil:

The face oil by my beloved cosmetic brand L’oreal is closed in a glass bottle that goes with a pipette. This face oil Nutri-Gold is a composition of eight natural oils that have multidimensional working:

  • rose oil (smoothing and hydration of skin),
  • orange oil (revitalization of skin cells),
  • lavender oil (anti-oxygenate action), – geranium oil (relieves irritations),
  • jasmine oil (soothing and skin firming action),
  • marjoram oil (relaxation due to aromatherapy),
  • rosemary oil (anti-oxygenate action),
  • passion fruit oil (moisture and skin protection).

My 1001 oil rituals with Nutri-Gold formula:

L’oreal Paris Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil states that this natural oil can be used in numerous ways and will produce satisfactory effects regardless of the method applied. Let me introduce a few ideas for face skin care with Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil. I have to admit, that this is just the beginning of my tests with the product therefore I’m going to present just a few manners of application.

  • Instead of a cream – this oil works just perfectly as a moisturizing makeup base. It can replace a regular moisturizing cream.
  • Makeup foundation enrichment – I mix a few drops with my foundation, which was too heavy for me to wear. Thanks to this procedure, my cosmetic becomes less dense and additionally became enriched with nourishing substances.
  • Local regeneration – every time I notice dehydrated spots on my skin (most often on cheeks and temples), I massage 1-2 drops of the oil into the very place.
  • Relaxing massage – I like to give myself a quick face massage, especially in evenings. Owning to Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil beautiful fragrance and decent properties, it is just a perfect product for this bedtime procedure.
  • Nourishing makeup removal – I tested this oil also as a makeup remover. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass the exam as an individual product for makeup removal. Therefore, now I add it to my makeup removing lotion just to improve its nourishing action.
  • Brightening up of skin – my natural skin brightening-up due to oils: I put 1-2 drops onto my palm, then I damp my fingertips in it and pat the product in a very gentle way into the spots I want to make brighter.
  • Lip balm – I pat Extraordinary Oil into lip skin in order to improve its nourishment and provide hydration.
  • Nourishment of eye skin area – recently, I’ve started testing oil as a replacement of an under eye cream. I apply Extraordinary Oil evening and it’s been working as a regular under eye cream so far.

Do you know some other application of L’oreal Paris Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil?

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