Layering – Why and How do I Use it?

I often get questions about my skin care routine, because apparently I have extremely (in their opinion) velvety and fresh skin. It may seem that everyday make-up weights down skin, and the more cosmetics we use for skin care the worse condition our skin is in. Asian women long time ago discovered face care technique, which gives great effects – layering. I’d love to tell you about layering, because from experience I know it’s a wonderful method.layering.jpg


Layering method involves executing standard elements of everyday skin care (make-up removal, cleansing, scrub, etc.), but with maintaining order of performed steps. This way cosmetics have the best influence on our skin and the treatment is more efficient. Layering as a face care method is the most popular in Japan, where this ritual is passed as women’s tradition. In the west this method is just beginning to gain popularity.

Layering step by step

The application sequence of cosmetics in layering is strictly determined, and only by applying to it we can achieve light skin effect. How do I perform layering?

  1. Make-up removal with natural oils.
  2. Face cleanse with soft foam (or other product).
  3. Soft face scrub (no more than once in 2 weeks).
  4. Light tonic.
  5. “Sheet mask”, i.e. collagen cloth or paper mask.
  6. Nourishing serum.
  7. Eye cream.
  8. Moisturising emulsion with delicate formula.
  9. Deeply moisturising face cream.
  10. Anti-wrinkles product for couperose skin, etc. (optional).
  11. Night cream or face cream with sunscreen.

Benefits of layering

Since I started to use layering I noticed significant improvement of my skin condition. It’s like the cosmetics I used to use suddenly only now started to work. It turns out that application of cosmetics in layers is really an effective method for fresh skin. My skin revived, it isn’t dry and I didn’t notice any redness.

Drawbacks of layering

Undeniably, layering is time consuming – in my case takes even about an hour. Especially, in days when I decide to do face scrub. Layering requires also lots of cosmetics, from make-up removal oil, through face scrub and collagen masks to all kinds of moisturising creams. In spite of that, I am not going to stop using this method because it really works.