Sweet Almond Oil from Equilibra

I love products with oils, because I know that the power of care is in natural vegetable oils. For several months now, I test all products based on natural oils, but also pure oils from different brands. How does sweet almond oil from Italian Equilibra brand work for me? For what you can use this product?equilibra.jpg


Equilibra Olio Di Mandorle Dolci is a 100% natural vegetable oil dedicated mainly for body massage, however, because of its properties it can be used also in other beauty treatments. Brand acquires almond oil in process of cold pressing, which ensures the best properties. It is a natural protection of organism.


Sweet almond oil from Equilibra – despite its name is based on few natural vegetable oils. Composition consists of selected oils and vegetable extracts and few additional ingredients.

  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (seed oil)almond oil
  • Helyanthus Annuus Seed Oilsunflower seed oil
  • Chamomilla Recutita Extractcamomile extract
  • Malva Sylvestris Extracthollyhock blossom extract
  • Tocopherolvitamin E (natural preservative)


Almond oil from Equilibra is locked in green plastic bottle. Manufacturer provided pump, which ensures efficiency, long lasting freshness and ease in use. When it comes to its formula I think it’s perfect – has oil consistency, which at the same time is very light. Yellow oil from Equilibra has subtle, quite pleasant scent, and after application absorbs very quickly without greasy layer on skin.


Personally I do not use Equilibra oil only for body massage, but I also instead of lotion (in smaller amount) or for oil treatment of other body parts. Below I present results which Equilibra almond oil had in my case.

  • Face – ensures regeneration and smoothers skin, face becomes soft in touch, what is more application of oil soothes irritations.
  • Body – deeply moisturises skin and makes it soft, but also makes it flexible, what helps in elimination of stretch marks.
  • Hair – (recommended for high porosity hair) guarantees right moisture, gives gloss, smooths hair and additionally limits their electrifying and prevents from frizz.