How to take care of your eyelashes?

Every woman dreams of beautiful, long and healthy looking eyelashes. Very few of them know that in order to be the owner of thick eyelashes you need to take care of them in a special way. Otherwise, they will never be strong.take-care-of-eyelashes
Researches show that only 60% of woman systematically remove the eye make-up before they go to bed. It turns out that after wearing make-up all day many bacteria is gathered on our eyebrows and on the mascara. If you tend to have week, easily breakable eyelashes you should definitely develop the habit of clearing your face before going to sleep focusing on the eye area. Eyelashes are like your hair, they need to breathe to function and to grow.

It is important to be aware of it because if the eyelash is weak that means that its root is weak. It may then results that more and more of your eyelashes are falling off.
When you clean your make-up it is necessary that you do it very gently not to irritate your eye. Remember there is many bacteria still on your mascara and your eye is a very sensitive organ. If you can, try not to use waterproof mascara. Thanks to its formula it is quite difficult to be removed without rubbing your eyelid.

To strengthen the root of the eyelash it is advisable to apply castor oil once a week. Cover your eyelid and eyelashes with the oil and go to bed. During the night the castor oil will be absorbed completely and will make your eyes look fresh and shiny. It also helps to restore water balance and build strong roots. What is great about the castor oil is that it speeds up the growth of lashes. Difference is visible just after 2 months of using it regularly.

If all of the tips will not help and you still struggle with weak, dry eyelashes you should take a close look at your diet. Make sure you drink enough water as dry hair may be the first signal of dehydration. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day. Apart from that, you should eat a lot of water-rich fruits and dark green vegetables to get enough vitamins in your diet.

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