Why do you have snail on the face, i.e. Orientana Face Mask

I love natural skin care products, so there is no surprise that Orientana makes majority of my cosmetics. This is a Polish brand that I love for innovative and organic products, which really work! Today I would like to present my favourite product of this brand – silk cloth face mask SNAIL SECRETION.orientana.jpg


I will start as usual with ingredients. First thing I noticed is silk, but it is not the active ingredient here. Out of silk Japanese cloth was made a sheet soaked with active substances, e.g. snail secretion (gathered in a non-invasive method from unaware of it snails), that ensures triple step action (cleanse, tone up, whitening). Orientana enriched this silk cloth face mask snail secretion with few additional active ingredients – biopeptides stimulating collagen synthesis, jojoba oil that slower down ageing processes, collagen for anti-wrinkles properties, regenerative antioxidant from Liquorice root, moisturising allantoin and hyaluronic acid, that just do not need any introductions.


It is still just a mask and it is used just like any other sheet masks that are so popular lately. In one sachet of Orientana is placed silk cloth soaked with anti-wrinkle biopeptide and snail secretion. After opening you can smell specific scent, but you can get use to it after a while (it is hard to tell what is it smell like). Slight innovation can be products application. Mask has two parts joined together: silk and plastic. On cleansed face skin apply mask so the silk side was directed towards skin and press it gently against face, only then you can take of the plastic part. Silk part is truly thin. In general application is really easy, because mask with natural silk is insensible and almost transparent and after half an hour it dries, which means that active ingredients were absorbed by skin.

How does it work

For last I left my opinion on how does the mask work, because (as I mentioned before) ingredients and application are a very nice surprise. My skin is not entirely mature, so this mask isn’t really dedicated for me, however I noticed first signs of ageing on face. I was surprised but Orientana’s silk mask visibly made them more flat, and skin is tight after one use. I am not talking about unpleasant tightening, because snail secretion simultaneously moisturised and nourished skin, so it is silky soft, smooth, nice in touch and healthy. I use my mask once per two weeks and I think that as for a bit over 6£ it is a long lasting luxury for my face!