Innovative deodorant NEO Dry Mist – Novelty from Garnier

New cosmetic from Garnier, i.e. intensive antiperspirant NEO Dry Mist was a leading subject of the latest Garnier conference. I had the pleasure of being there as a representative of blogosphere covering beauty subjects. Now is the time for me to share what I have learnt during this conference.neo-dry-mist.jpg

Innovative applicator of Garnier

The greatest surprise turned out to be unusual applicator of NEO Dry Mist, which was patented by Garnier and presented on the conference. Deodorant NEO from Garnier is an amazing spray – it has an applicator in a shape of the ring, with 10 evenly placed slots on the inside of it.

Such shape of applicator provides even and delicate administration of dry mist and is expected to be much more comfortable in use. The product has quite dry form, which additionally should ensure effect of quicker drying. This is a solution to wet stains after antiperspirant, because Garnier NEO Dry Mist gives entirely dry finish.

Safe formula of NEO Dry Mist

As usual, Garnier boasts with fully safe and delicate formula of antiperspirant, which is also suitable for sensitive skin. NEO Dry Mist does not contain alcohol or parabens, and its composition was enriched with two new ingredients. Garnier enriched its antiperspirant with:

  1. MINERALITE – natural mineral with extremely absorbing properties, expected to absorb humidity even hundred times faster than traditional talc in other products of this type.
  2. PANTHENOL – it is an ingredient known and loved for its soothing irritations properties, and is suppose to condition skin up to 48h.

Fragrance madness

Everyone can find the scent for themselves. Garnier released line of NEO Dry Mist antiperspirants in five fragrances – Floral Touch, Fresh Blossom, Pure Cotton, Shower Clean and Light Freshness. You can see here the advantage of floral scents, so no wonder that the leading theme of the entire collection are indeed flowers. It was expected not only to relate to the fragrances, but also to the gentleness of the product and pleasure that gives cover of skin with the product.